Stop pushing and start pulling.

Have you ever felt like you were just grinding away at life? As if everyday was just a battle where every move you make is like trudging through a muddy swamp. You have to push and claw your way through each task, each goal and each deadline….ever felt this way?

     There are definatley days when this is the underlying them for me as well. When this occurs, I recognize that I am pushing “my” way as opposed to being pulled into “the” way.

     If you are making decisions that are from pure intention, pure truth (your truth that is….not someone else’s ), you will find that you are almost pulled into success. Pulled into attracting the right people. Pulled into positive circumstances. This pulling occurs only when you operate from your core beliefs, values and truths. Even the slightest incongruency will start more of a PUSH than a PULL.

       My hope is that you discover where in your life you are thinking, speaking or acting outside of your core values. In doing so, you can begin to uncover why you feel you have to push your will on others as opposed to pull them along for a great ride.

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Dr. J

Giving Out of Your Abundance

If you were to start each day by givinig thanks for all that you do have and if you focused your thoughts throughout your day on your “blessings”, you would have very little time to think about what you don’t have.

I believe when we do this we are more capable to “give out of our abundance”. Giving someone else a piece of us only leads to two things: 1. A sense of joy that can only come from helping someone else   2. Lifting someone else up, which in turn raises your ability to allow greater things to flow into your life.

I write to you on the eve of a Mission trip I am taking to help the people of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. I leave tomorrow to join fifty other chiropractors to assist the people of these countries realize a little better life. Even if our time is brief, our intentions and efforts will be on a massive scale.

I have been blessed in many areas of my life, now it’s time to share my energy and abundance with others. I pray that my time with these people can leave a lasting impression on them and within me.

I ask that you join me in this quest. Maybe not in the form of traveling to a third world country, but instead, give to someone unconditionally this week. With no thought of “what’s in it for me” , but instead, “What’s in it for THEM”. Give a compliment to someone who needs a pick me up, buy somone having a tough day  a cup of coffee, give someone a hug, or just express your thanks for all you have to a friend, loved one or your God or Spiritual Source.

Give out of your abundance and baske in the JOY that will follow.

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My “7 C’s to the Health and Life of Your Dreams”


I have been helping people achieve their health and wellness goals for well over 10 years. I have also traveled the country (and abroad) to study under some of the best healers and teachers in the world.  In the midst of  learning, and working with patients / clients, I also had to endure many of the same challenges that many of you go through (illness and subsequent death of a family member, relocating  (3 times) far from home, starting a family and becoming more financial healthy) After reflecting on my experiences, a few years ago I came up with what I feel are the “7 C ‘ s  to Achieving The Health (and Life) of Your Dreams”.  I hope you enjoy.

Clarity – You must have a crystal clear picture of what you want in your life (health). If you are vague , you will get vague results. Period. (Ex:  Lose 15 lbs, begin an exercise program, eat 4 servings/day of veggies-fruit, decrease my bodyfat 10%.. …..or I want to lose weight……which is more clear? Which will probably get accomplished?)

Consciousness – Take an honest assessment of where you are today. Do not judge or get mad at where you are, but just ask yourself…How healthy (happy) am I? If you have a GPS system in your car, it doesn’t get MAD at you when you tell it where you want to go and where you are starting from , regardless of the distance that needs to be covered. Stop judging yourself, start evaluating honestly though

Contradiction – Thinking, Speaking, Doing things that are in direct opposition of your goals takes you AWAY from achieving them. Period! Contradiction breaks down your self esteem and makes you think you “Can’t” be better. If you know you want to get healthier (happy) choose healthier (happier) thoughts, words and actions that are in aligment with your goals.

Congruency – When you are in alignment with your greatest dreams or aspirations, you are living congruently. Congruency leads to the fulfillment of your ideal health and life.

Consistency- The more consistent you are with positive Thoughts, Words, and Actions , the more this becomes part of who you ARE, it’sw no longer something you think about. This day in , day out positive & congruent steps tells your mind and body that you are serious about getting things in order.

Control – The only thing you can control is your thoughts and how you respond to any situation. That’s it….You have control over yourself. You cannot control what other people think of you, what your friends eat or do with their bodies, etc. You control you. As you grow in more positive thoughts and actions, your ability to control your thoughts and actions increases. The funny thing is, as you change you , it ultimately attracts the same people that criticized your new actions . Except now they ask what you have been doing and if you could help them change…pretty cool!

Confidence- You will cultivate a deep knowing or expectation that you are creating the health and life of your dreams. All the C’s lead up to this one. As you unlock this last “C”, you realize just how powerful you are. How that you are truly a wonderful beautiful creative machine. What ever you put your mind to , you can accomplish. Even during the tough times, you WILL bounce back and regain your composure and your way.

I hope this was helpful to you. These “C ‘ s ” have been some of the guiding aspects of my life and in my teachings.

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Value your Weight Loss

   What positive words would your closest friends and family say if they all were giving your eulogy? What are the common themes?  How would you like for them to remember you? Would you hear or like to hear that you were a good parent? A great friend? A positive person? Someone who inspired or took care of others?

What ever you want to be remembered for tells you what your highest VALUES are. Meaning, what is the most important things to you. You can look at yourself and determine this by looking at where you put your TIME, ENERGY and MONEY.  Use your VALUES as LEVERAGE to eat better, to exercise and to lose weight (if that’s a goal).  Example: I don’t tend to run into burning buildings for fun, however, if my daughter or son was in that building, I sure as heck would be in there looking for them. To many of you, that burning building is eating better, moving more and thinking more positively about yourself. This is where you put YOUR VALUES in those things to motiviate you to do it. 

If your children (or grandchildren)  are important to you, ask, how can you be of help to them if your are constantly sick, over weight, have no energy, dealing with disease or worse, DEAD. Use this thought to motivate you to change your present behaviors and actions to do more healthy lifestyle choices (which research now demonstrates can limit disease formation, including many types of cancer).

If your career is important to you, ask, “Can I get more done if I have more energy?”.  “If I was healthier, I could manage my stress levels better.” “If I get sick or am dealing with disease, how can my company grow (or how I am going to bring home a pay check) ? Again, use this as a motivator to start better lifestyle choices.

You must re-visit these motivators often, because initially it will inspire you, but after a while you will probably fall back into your old “RUT”. ( Unless you are so motivated to never return to your old ways..think of the guy who quits smoking on the spot after a heart attack). Place pictures of your family on the fridge, on the pack of cigarettes, in your car (for those who enjoy too much drive through food). Remind yourself why you are doing these things.

Have a bigger vision than yourself. Live a healthier life for your benefit , but also for those around you or who depend on you. Find out what your “kid in a burning building” motivation will be. My hope is that you learn it and change before you its too late to change (Like the heart attack victim who doesn’t get a second chance). As alway though, KNOW regardless of your past challenges or short comings you have the potential to change your life, health and weight, by simply changing YOUR MIND first! THINK healthier thoughts, DO healthier things, HAVE  the health and weight you desire.

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Inside Out Living


                  Have you ever been in line at a retail store and the person in front of you is just giving it to the clerk. I mean, just ripping them apart for whatever reason, wrong price, didn’t apply the discount, can’t return the item, can’t give money back…whatever the reason. You know who I’m talking about.

I have come to realize that it is NEVER about the “topic” at hand. It ALWAYS comes down to some other issue within that person, that they feel they need to vent and be angry at a clerk in a retail store. After that person leaves, I always tell the clerk (usually a teenager too) that what just happened had NOTHING to do with them, it was because that person has their own problems. Then I try to cheer them up a bit.

What I have come to understand is that when you live your life from an Inside-Out approach, you handle ALL circumstances with grace. You realize that you need not bring someone else down in order to have your needs met. You realize that there are two ways to build skyscrapers: 1) tear all building down around you so you are the tallest or 2) build all the building around you higher and higher.  That guy/gal at the counter – they are the first type. They have places in their life where other people are doing the same thing to THEM, now it’s their turn to do it to someone else. They have tolerations in their life that they are not addressing and those stressors are adding up , little by little until it explodes all over a teenager person at a retail counter.

Living from Inside-Out doesn’t mean you won;t encounter people who mess up your order or a retail transaction. Living  Inside-Out means that you are calm, clear and present and able to take a moment, even a second, to RESPOND to the event instead of just REACTING.

Living from Inside-Out means you have a clear picture of what makes you happy, of what you want to achieve, of what you want to look like, etc. and proceeding forward with these desires, regaradless of what others may think of you. Inside-Out behavior recognizes the beauty not only withing OURSELVES , but also all those around us.

Living from Inside-Out allows you to find peace and calmness even in the midst of chaos.


  1.  Spend time clarifying what it is that makes you happy. Clarify what is it that you enjoy doing. Clarify if you are happy with your career / life. IF not, what do you need to do to make some changes.
  2. Spend 10 mintues in the morning and at night in STILLNESS. No TV, no loud music, no kids or spouse. Just you. Close your eyes, relax, observe you breathing. Begin to learn how to slow down the constant “CHATTER” that goes on in your head.

As you move forward in your days, you will have more clarity as to what makes you happy and you will begin to fill your time with those endeavors. Also, by learning that by observing your breath you can TRIGGER that relaxed state, you will be better equipped to handle less than ideal situations (including problems at the retail counter). And the biggest, remember, build people up around you. You will leave them and yourself much better off by building instead of destroying.

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“Oil change” to lose weight

How many of you out there would drive your car for hundreds of thousands of miles or  10-20 years without doing an oil change? Not many , if any of you would do that. The scary thing is that many of you are doing just that with your bodies.

As we go through our days, we accumulate toxins. Toxins from our food (artificial flavors, coloring, artificial sweetners :Sucralose, Splenda, Aspartame, artificial fats:Trans Fats). Toxins from present and PAST drug use, both over the counter and prescribed. Toxins from our enviornment : 1. our air is more polluted than any other time in history  &  2. our drinking water has been shown in research to be laden with chlorine and……over the counter and prescribed medicine.  Think about this one for a moment before we move on, even if you are not taking a great deal of meds, your neighbor probably is. Well, where do you think the drugs go if they are not absorbed by your body??? Your toliet. Which eventually goes through a city  filtration system and ends up  back through to your kitchen sink. (Pleasant thought right?)

All of these toxins act like sludge in your body. Cloggin up this beautiful, efficient gift from God. These toxins lower your immune system, they increase fat storage, they alter normal hormone activity of your brain and body, they cause sysmptoms like headaches, fatigue, joint pain,weight gain,  fibromyalgia.  They just mess everything up.

What to do:

  1.  Use water  (Sinks , refrigerator and shower heads) and air filtration systems for your home.
  2. Drink more water. 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces per day. (Ex. 100 lb person should consume 50 ounces of water)
  3. Eat more vegetables. They will help your digestion and cleansing
  4. Find a healthcare practicioner that provides supervised detoxification plans (this will eliminate toxins stored in your fat and organ cells)
  5. Sweat : Move your body, go for a jog, sit in a sauna. Sweating is a great way to eliminate toxins.

As you eliminate toxins from your body, just like a good oil change improves your engine and car’s performance, your body will improve it’s function and you will see: improved energy, improved immune function, decrease in body weight!

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(PS , If you are outside of the St. Louis area, visit to purchase supplements that will aide in a detoxification plan and set up a phone consult with our nutrition and detoxification expert, Dr. Olivia Joseph)

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I recently decided to run a marathon. The marathon will be on April 11th in St. Louis. I have never done a marathon, but always had desired to run one. Last year I competed in a 1/2 Ironman and since then I have become very passionate about the triathlon sport  (I have aspirations to do a full Ironman in 2011). With that said, I thought a great challenge would be to run a marathon this year.  I write these things not to impress anyone, but to remind those of you reading this that each day look to find ways to “get outside of your comfort zone”.

Your comfort zones are the daily activities and tolerations that you continue to allow in your life. If deep down you know that living better, thinking better, eating better is what you need to do to make you happier (from the inside out), then just start ! You don’t have to run a marathon. You don’t have to even run…you just have to do something different than what you have been doing up to this point. Einstein said that, “the same level of thinking that produced the problem cannot possibly produce the solution”

Imagine if …today you made 1% more effort to talk to yourself in a more positive manner.

Imagine if … you made 1% more effort to move your body more

Imagine if ….today you made a 1% more  committment  to a new workout plan

Imagine , at the end of the year you added up all those 1%’s….you would have improved  365% !

Inch by inch, it’s a cinch. Yard by yard it’s hard. Today, move outside your comfort zone, “one inch”. Do it again tomorrow, and again and again.

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More is Less.

Often members of my practice and attendees at my seminars will ask , “What is the best way to lose weight?”. I think people are surprised at the answer. The answer is simple – MORE is LESS. Let me explain.

To attain true weight loss , that is permanent and done in a HEALTHY manner, one must start to Think more positive thoughts about their ability to make lifestyle changes, Eat balanced meals more often throughout their day and Move their bodies more frequenlty. By doing these 3 things, anyone can achieve LESS weight.

Think: Start by talking to yourself in a more positive manner. If I spoke to you, the way many of you speak to yourselves, you would think I was a rude jerk. Why is it okay for you to say to yourself “I’m fat and there’s no way I can lose weight” or “I tried exercise before and I just can’t do it” ? If someone else told you that, you”d become upset. The FIRST step to achieving any goal, including weight loss is stop programming YOUR mind that you CAN’T do it. Instead, affirm each day that “I am losing weight, naturally, easily and permanently!” or “I am consistent with my healthy eating and exercise routines”

Eat: If you knew that every day you were going to be given a crisp $100 bill, do you think you would be more likely to spend some or all of that each day? Most people would say yes because you know that tomorrow you’re going to get another $100 bill. Your body is the same way. When you feed it regularly you supply it the calories it needs to function. If you routinely give it the calories it needs, it will start to “spend” those calories more easily and it will not feel the need to store it. Back to my initial analogy, if you didn’t know when the next $100 bill was going to come, you would probably save it , right? Well, the body saves calories too…it does so in the form of FAT. So eat a balanced meal or snack (which includes a protein & carbohydrate) every 2-4 hours. In doing so , you train your body to use the calories and to start to “spend” the calories it was storing in FAT.

Move: This may be the biggest misconception among people I have coached. You do not, repeat, do not have to do marathons, be a bodybuilder or do cardio for hours on end to achieve weight loss. Eventually, as your body changes and your ability to do more (or your desire to do more) increase, those may be avenues you will want to explore . For starters, you must begin to move your body 20-30 minutes above what you already are doing. Even if your job has you moving a lot, your body has gotten used to this and has adequately “stored” the calories it needs to get you through your work day. It’s not until you ask your body to do MORE, will it have a reason to begin to empty it’s calorie storage (aka FAT). If you do not exercise at all, begin with a 20 minute walk each day. As this becomes part of your routine, try adding some light weight lifting (5-10lb dumbbells will do just fine). And as this become more of your routine, look to join a gym or a fitness club, take an exercise class, start swimming, etc. The bottom line here, just START moving your body.

You may say, “I’ve tried these things in the past”. My response to “I’ve tried” is always…Try is to lie. Do is to be true. Do these things for a lifetime and you’ll be able to look back on a life lived to your fullest potential.  Remember More is Less.

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See the bigger picture

I have often wondered how certain people manage multiple tasks and roles in their life without feeling overwhelmed. I believe now that it is based on the ability to increase your capacity to handle more and the foresight to see what is coming with proper planning. Here’s what I mean: As you grow as a person, you will be able to handle more events, distraction and challenges in your life.  Initially you may feel  uncomfortable balancing more demands, ultimately, you CULTIVATE the resources necessary to manage  more responsiblity. Think of a mother of one who has another child, then maybe a third. Each time, her capacity to handle more stress increased. She also knew what to expect and therefore had better FORESIGHT. 

The same happens with each of us. Challenge yourself . Grow your ability to habdle more! As you improve this aspect of your life, look to plan ahead accordingly. Use better FORESIGHT. Have a gameplan for your YEAR, MONTH , WEEK and DAY. Will this change as you live your life?…Probably, but if you don’t have a plan for your life, someone else will. Not having a game plan for your days leads to stress, burn out, lack of fulfillment and lack of being PRESENT. Remember, the only thing you have is …….the PRESENT MOMENT. Enjoy it, be grateful for it.

Live Inspired,


Be Present

As we head in to this holiday week, I am encouraging my team and our practice members to “be present” in all you do. Instead of rushing around looking to get everything done, be happy, content and immersed in whatever activity you are doing. In practicing “Present Time Consciousness” you are able to recognize how you respond to various situations (people cutting you off in traffic, hearing your kids laugh, Christmas dinner with your family, etc.).  Give thanks for ALL that occurs in your day (week, month, year). ALL that occurs, the things that challenge you and the things that support you, for both are cultivating a better, more resilient, more attractive, more abundant version of yourself. With that , I thank you for your time and energy to read my thoughts. May you be Blessed with a state of “Presence”  this holiday week and for years to come.